Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair is a celebration of comics, toy, video games and all pop culture. We strive to give access to a diverse range of products and collectables to fans of everything relatable, plus an array of talented comic artist and creators plus amazing clubs all in a family friendly environment to give an amazing experience to all fans.



8x8ft Standard Stall: $50 - Standard stall SOLD OUT
8x8ft Corner Stall: $75 - Corners SOLD OUT
Each stall comes with one 8ft(2.4m) table, two chairs and 2 vendor passes*.
Corner stall also come with an extra 6ft(1.8m) table for the 2nd face out.


6x6ft Artist Table: $40

Artist Alley is the area designed to showcase comic artists, writers and creators. Club stall are designed to help promote local pop culture related clubs. Each stall comes with one 6ft long table, two chairs and two Artist or Club passes*. (8ft tables available@ $50)

*If multiple stalls are hired only two chairs and two stall holder passes will be supplied for every 3 stall spaces.

Assignment of stall will be by fair management and you will be contacted about final bump-in times and stall location prior to the event. We will try to accommodate as many special requests as we can but cannot guarantee where you will be located.
Electricity is available on request but cannot be guaranteed. Stall holder passes must be picked up at the fair and will not be handed out prior.



All stallholders will be required to have public liability insurance, and to provide evidence of their cover prior to the event.  If a stallholder is unable to obtain this cover, we can (at the discretion of our insurer) add the stallholder to our policy, at a cost of $30 per stallholder.  In order for us to add a stallholder to our policy, we need to provide their details, including what they will be selling.
Note: If you have previously purchased cover for our October 2021 event it is still valid for this April 2022 event.

Our Exhibition Hours will be: SUNDAY APRIL 24TH 9:30am – 3:30pm



Thank you for your interest in The Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair, Sunday April 24th 2022. We thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions in the application form so we can better make decisions with regards to your potential involvement at our event.