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The Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair strives to give the community the best in comics, toys and pop culture! We’re far from strictly just comics and toys though, there's also a huge showcase of video games, LEGO, books, movies, TV, and more! We also love having, and aim to help to give local comic artists/creators and specialty clubs another outlet to let the world know how fantastic they are.

We believe we are all equal, so whether you're a small or one time collection seller, or a big shop, you will always be treated equal. Our belief is that everything should easily be accessible by all, so stall costs will always stay low for everyone. Entry will always stay cheap and not a small fortune. 

We are dedicated to making your experience amazing each and every time you visit us for many years to come!


ACTF Lad Glasses Toys


Director and Founder


Organises and runs the fair. Founded Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair and strives to grow and improve every fair. Also to grow the communities and bring them together.

ACTF 1.jpg


Operations Manager

Helps organise and run the fair. Dots the i's and crosses the t's to make Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair an excellent experience for all.

ACTF 4.jpg


Heart and Soul of the Fair


Make the fair what it is. The attendees, exhibitors and communities as a whole are what make this such a great and special event for all.

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