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Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair is excited to announce we will be joined by some great clubs from all types of pop culture and beyond! You can look forward to checking out what they are all about and maybe even join one or two that you really enjoy. They are all full of wonderful people, so don't be shy and join in on the fun. 


starship Mawson.jpg

Starship Mawson

Starship Mawson are a Sci-Fi meet up group.
They are organisers of special events in the greater Adelaide area. They specialise in creating and organising unique popular culture events, displays and exhibitions.

Starship Mawson was first established in January 2006 by Event Director, Stu Blair and was officially launched on the 21st April 2007 by actor, Mr Barry Jenner, who played Admiral William Ross on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

They are the only fan organisation in the world to have had its logo designed by the senior conceptual illustrator for Star Trek - John Eaves, and be officially launched by a Star Trek actor in Barry Jenner!

toy power.jpg

Toy Power Podcast

Toy Power Podcast is Australia's leading toy and pop culture podcast.
Since 2016 Toy Power Podcaster Ben, Trent, Frank, Darren and Scot have been giving the world all the latest news, info and history of toys and all pop culture in general. Be sure to check them out all their weekly episodes.

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