Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair would like to welcome the amazing array of talented Comic Artist and Creators! Pick up some local comic works - choose from original art or printed comics, or even get yourself or a favourite character drawn especially for you!

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DarkOZ Comics

DARK OZ anthology comics - 'DECAY' and 'Retro Sci-Fi Tales' - a showcase of the incredible talent Australia has to offer - over 150 creators featured so far. Owned and operated by Darren Koziol who writes most of the stories. Touring Australian conventions since 2010, even exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con in 2016.


Jordan Pote

Jordan Pote is an Adelaide based illustrator. He loves everything that tells a story with a picture. He grew up watching cartoons and drawing. Now 30 years on and nothing much has changed!


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Christy Butt

Christy has always loved stories and art and so becoming an artist seemed natural. Her art is described as a mix of Disney and Anime with a whimsical fantasy style to it. She tends to show a merger of fantasy with day to day life.

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Veronica Gordon

Veronica/Cold-Creature is a South Australian Artist who just makes everything for the love of it. This year, expect to see Limited Edition Enamel Pins added to her creative endeavours.


R Max Tillsley

R Max Tillsley writes about space battles, zombies, magic and monsters, with novels for adults and readers 9+.

He grew up loving stories filled with adventure and monsters. Sadly, the mess on his bedroom floor never attracted a single tentacled beast—though a shark’s jaw once bit him. One day, he found himself sitting a Parisian café. Surrounded by a city full of famous art and beautiful buildings, he decided to write… about the undead. His fondest childhood memories are of watching Doctor Who on Saturday afternoons and David Attenborough documentaries on Saturday evenings. He lives in Australia with his wife, daughters, and two grumpy cats.

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Sheydin Dew

As a recent graduate from Flinders University with a bachelor's degree in Digital Media with Honours, Sheydin has released her first graphic novel titled "No Man's Land". This story which follows a roller blading teen gang in pursuit to prove their street skating skills and win over un-owned territory in their country town, 'Windlyn'.